Operating in the construction industry we are acutely aware of its strengths and challenges. We are therefore fully engaged and committed to equality and diversity. That is why our empowerment is a strategic business objective. We do not just create solutions for our clients, we believe in creating opportunities for all as well.

We understand the local conditions of our country and are therefore able to connect people with learning opportunities and provide the required synthesis for human progress. We ensure a positive impact on social environments by operating with compassion.

Benchmark Construct is Committed to Empowerment and Building Bright Futures

Commencement of any work is structured according to binding legal agreements with the local government and community structures, ensuring guaranteed workflow and their participation in decision-making processes and employment.

Through specially appointed community liaison office structures, competent local building craftsmen and selected individuals are employed as sub-contractors. This approach creates an abundance of employment opportunities ensuring a positive impact on local and social environments.

Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment

It is our aim to satisfy our clients expectations, whilst making business decisions that will ensure we remain firmly rooted in the construction Industry. Benchmark Construct considers the requirements of BBBEE as one of our country’s greatest leaps into the future. We incorporate all BBBEE requirements strategically into our business.

Our focus is on improving the skills of our employees and individuals from previously disadvantaged communities. We are also committed to using suppliers who have a similar outlook and strategy. All elements required for BBBEE recognition is approached with the utmost priority and as a result we maintain our level 1 contributing status. Benchmark Construct aims to be an example of how to proactively incorporate BBBEE into the success of the company.

Level 1 BBBEE Contributor

135% Recognition level

100% Black Owned

Empowering Supplier

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